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Rebecca Jeffers

Founder of NRG Therapies

Rebecca has been practicing yoga and meditation regularly for the last 30 years. She began practicing under Suddha Weixler in Chicago at the age of 17. Since then she has studied Ashtanga yoga under Pattahbi Jois and countless other teachers. Now an instructor, Rebecca has been teaching yoga with a focus on healing and recovery for 25 years.

In 2009, Rebecca became certified in Central Inner Alignment, Vibrational Touch, and Certified Brain Integration Technique.

By intuitively combining western health management with alternative practices, Rebecca healed her brain tumor naturally. Her current combination of yoga and energy work is a reflection of this learning, which she utilizes while assisting clients. 

As a yoga instructor, Rebecca is passionate about working with people of all ages and health backgrounds, and specifically focuses on pelvic floor and pelvic health for women. As a mother, Rebecca understands that this part of the body holds extreme importance for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. 

Rebecca has worked with numerous student populations; cancer survivors, children, prenatal and postpartum, and geriatrics. She has studied with many of the well known teachers from around the world including Richard Freeman, Erich Schiffmann, Paul Grilley, and David Swenson.

Rebecca includes yoga as part of her wellness practices along with Brain Integration Technique, Certified Central Inner Alignment, and Vibrational Touch.

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